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Interview Method: Sir Mix-a-Lot.

View the mashup video drawn from an in-depth interview.

Strategic Participant Recruitment


My research incorporates the interview method, participant observational studies and media studies. The aim is to advance understanding of how fame is built while offering a utility for the marketplace. Furthermore, the statistical mapping and empirical approach necessary to analyze hypotheses drawn from previous fame studies will help establish concepts that better explain how fame is built.  

Researching the etiology of fame involves a hybrid-approach of interview method, performance anthropology and communications studies. To execute my interviews, I immerse myself in an environment that I construct through event planning. These events may involve previous or current celebrity personas.

Participant Observational Study.

View the mashup video drawn from building a celebrity persona.
The conclusion provides compelling visual portrayals of the campaign's effectiveness.

Socio-Anthro Components

During discovery phases of research, I may take on different personas to relate to famous subjects or an attention-gathering subject, which provides candid insight and unique data. In another social context, I may inspire followership and fandome using studied tactics deduced from previous fame studies. This behavior could be classified as an ethnographic approach to research. 

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