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The Test Trial

An online, search engine optimization strategy with demographic targeting

Prompt:  Launch a viral campaign online

Methodology:  Applying aggressive media indexing, backlinking and social media campaigns to add meta-data

Platform:  Drag and drop web design using HTML5, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit


Leveraging social media toolkits that tracked demographic data, impressions and reach, I strategically placed promotional content for my brand (including videos) to online communities with a proven, track record of viewer interest. For example, after identifying a specific sub-forum on (the site has over 150 million page views per month), with specific demographic markers and a track record of frequent video sharing, I logged the most shared video attributes from previous shares. I then produced relatable content in an original production. 

The promotion of the video was strategically placed within the forum [published by an account with a high amount of "karma points" (identifies upvotes and downvotes and a heavy use on the platform)] to boost shares, views, comments and other meta-data accumulators (e.g. likes and shares). By studying each platform's community behavior, viewership trends and demographic interest, the content production and promotion was targeted and data driven. Ultimately, the viral campaign was a success with over 1.1 million views on the YouTube channel within 3 months.

Media coverage from press releases, stunts and strategic relationship building

Targets:  National and international news outlets with physical offices and supportive staff

Case Study Example:  

Media Audience:  Circulation of roughly 645,000 (not including online readership)


Successful media placement for (the trial subject for viral promotion) involved identifying "above the line" media outlets (viewership of 500,000 or more) and obtaining personnel contact information for lead reporters and their supportive staff. Lead reporters typically have publishable authority and a track record of highly-read stories. I also selected lead reporters based on genre-related stories to (e.g., human interest stories). 


After building a database detailing information on the supportive staff and lead reporters, I engaged the personnel with personalized press releases. In the case of Rheana Murray, a lead reporter for the New York 

Daily News, I found mutual contacts who allegedly "tipped" her to write a story on I also built a send-out schedule that spanned several weeks, and sent personalized press releases to her staff to better ensure Murray would see the story pitch. Ultimately, the carefully crafted content presented by, the leveraged personal relationships, and the customized press releases, culminated in a story in physical print and online publication of the New York Daily News. This approach ultimately led to news stories in major publications across the U.S., as well as news segments in 35 countries in over 10 languages.     READ THE STORY...

Complete Overview

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