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Identifying a Market Need


I first identified a pain point in the marketplace of brand promotions while serving as a Chief Marketing Officer of an emerging startup in Austin, Texas. Today, there is no comprehensive body of work that outlines a general or customizable methodology for building fame, especially for the individual brand.


After informally surveying colleagues in marketing and advertising, I foresaw a potentially high entrepreneurial value in developing credible data that answers the question of, "How to build fame?" Ultimately, I'm motivated by discovery, enjoy the formal processes of research, and appreciate the subject matter's industry application. 


A Ph.D. Program Will Pave the Way


I believe some of the most responsible and thorough research is carried out in academia. Through academic conferences and peer reviewed journals, there is an opportunity to publish findings that contribute to science while also providing application to the market.


While I understand the independent nature of Ph.D. studies in human science and communications studies, I seek the guidance of a thesis committee and the reference knowledge of an acclaimed department. Ph.D. programs also provide vital publishing and funding channels to support my research endeavor. Finally, prerequisite classes on methods and testing will sharpen my ability to gather data and deduce information.

Communications Crossover


Previous research applies to communication science by explaining social phenomenon involving media. The Ph.D. process helps expand on this research. While I will promote my research to build a community of interest, I won't dwell on the narrative of my work. Instead, I will present results from qualitative and quantitative testing, as well as statistical mapping aimed at exploring the etiology of fame. Methodology applied in academic studies offer a process by which I can test, measure and describe critical information. Furthermore, by employing social scientific methods, principles of communications studies and participant observational studies, I may develop an applicable tool for the industries of marketing, advertising, public relations and public affairs.


“A study on how to build fame creates a utility for private and public industry, while expanding our understanding of contemporary human organization and followership."

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